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Twitchy fingers on the Kindle

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absentgrana Sun 17-Jun-12 12:38:54

Yesterday I meant to open the novel I have been reading on my Kindle on the last page read. Instead, I deleted the whole book. Is there any way I can get it back?

whenim64 Sun 17-Jun-12 12:49:32

absent go back to the account where you bought it and you should be able to download it again.

Annobel Sun 17-Jun-12 13:40:11

Is it in your archive? Try going to 'archived items' on the home page and if it's there, you can easily retrieve it.

Mishap Sun 17-Jun-12 13:47:17

I agree that going into the archives should do it, but if not try this link

The kindle customer help is quite unbelievable - I have had to use it on two occasions and when you click the choice of By Telephone where it asks you how you want to be contacted the phone rings as you are clicking the option - honestly! The first time I nearly jumped out of my skin!

absentgrana Sun 17-Jun-12 13:55:35

Thanks. I have tried the archive but there doesn't appear to be anything in there. I'll try the help bit Mishap and see if that does it. It's these damn false nails that have caused the problem. grin

yogagran Mon 18-Jun-12 14:27:22

I'm fairly sure that when is right. Particularly if you bought it from Amazon you should be able to download it again.

whenim64 Mon 18-Jun-12 14:35:51

Yes, you go to your Amazon Kindle account and it will still be there to download.

absentgrana Mon 18-Jun-12 15:23:31

Thank you everyone. What I hadn't realised is that you need the wireless connection switched on to access the archive. I have done that and got my book back. What a bunch of smart ladies – many thanks. flowers

whenim64 Mon 18-Jun-12 15:31:26

Hurray! absent smile

yogagran Mon 18-Jun-12 18:21:00

Yay - good result, I'm pleased that you got it sorted.