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silvercharm Sun 24-Jun-12 18:27:29

Afternoon All, I am hoping someone maybe able to assist. I am thinking of upgrading my home computer. Does anyone know anything about these all in one's where you can also touch the screen, use as a TV and so forth. Has anyone any experience with them? Are they worth it?

Chris1603 Mon 25-Jun-12 12:38:07

I had a look at tablets recently, I needed to replace my laptop. I decided against because of the lack of a keyboard. If you mainly use your PC for watching tv or browsing the net they would be alright IMHO, but I could not get by without a proper keyboard. I bought a laptop in the end.

Suggest you go into your local High Street computer shop and have a play and speak to one of the very nice young men who work there.

AlisonMA Mon 25-Jun-12 13:02:32

I agree with Chris I need a proper keyboard too. I wonder how much memory you get with them, as much as a laptop? Most laptops these days can be used as TVs I think. They are much smaller than a laptop so more portable but then also a much smaller screen to look at. I've had my laptop for about 9 months and it does everything I want.

Can you use a tablet as a Kindle? That might be something you want to take into consideration as you can't do that with a laptop.

You might like to make a list of questions for when you go into a shop based on what use you will put it to. I was very impressed with PC World where the young man didn't patronise me because of my age and managed to find out how much I knew before giving advice.

Once you've decided what you want to buy it is worth having a look on the web for a good deal.

Annobel Mon 25-Jun-12 13:08:30

There are a few laptops on the market that have a touch screen. It has been suggested to me that the current MS Windows 7 isn't very reliable with a touch screen. I'm not sure how reliable this information is, but it's worth checking up on.

Annobel Mon 25-Jun-12 13:12:06

Alison, my DS uses an Android tablet as an electronic reader. I don't know if this means you can download Kindle format books on it though. There's an application - Calibre - that you can use to change a book from one format to another but you would need to ask someone more knowledgeable than I am.

glammanana Tue 26-Jun-12 13:00:28

If you decided to use a touch screen computer/TV combined if you happened to loose your internet connection would you also loose the TV connection ??

jeni Tue 26-Jun-12 13:52:24

I have kindle on my iPad also the lady bmj all my magazines and also iplayer!

Bags Tue 26-Jun-12 14:23:31

Apple make a portable keyboard for use with the iPad. I have one. I only use it if I have a lot of typing to do as the on screen keyboard is fine for most things and actually easier to use for letters that need foreign language versions. You can also get a case for the portable keyboard which folds in a special way so that you can prop the iPad up. It makes the combined gadgets just like a laptop but smaller and lighter of course and you don't have to use them together. The detached keyboard is powered by a battery and links to the iPad by bluetooth.

jeni Tue 26-Jun-12 14:53:39

I've one as well. I rarely use it but it's good if you've a lot of typing to do!

bud Thu 09-Aug-12 22:46:04

I would like to point out that kindle works on laptops, i phones, i pads, and base unit pcs, providing you download the application for this to work on the above. This application I have, and it works on the above, and now I believe on the android phones