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Adobe pdf reader pfishing scam app

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whenim64 Wed 18-Jul-12 22:46:40

There is an update app appearing on iPhones asking you to update Adobe Reader for free, and you are then asked to input your password. It looks genuine but isn't. I queried it because I didn't load Adobe Reader on to my phone. It's malware that attempts to access your card details. If you see it, the advice I have read is to delete Adobe Reader immediately. You can always get it again off the App Store. Adobe say they NEVER send emails or invitations to update what's free by just going to their website to download. I didn't know that - been updating for years, but fortunately haven't suffered as a result. Apparently, we shouldn't open these emails, eiher - just delete.

Littlenellie Thu 19-Jul-12 08:01:12

Just this minute updated the app on my IPad will delete app thanks when