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Changing Broadband Company.

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crimson Wed 10-Oct-12 10:52:12

By 12 tonight I've got to change from AOL to TalkTalk [even though they are now one and the same company]. I've been putting this off for ages even though it's been costing me a lot of money. I was hoping that it would all change by itself but, alas, a package has just arrived telling me that I've got 13 hours to do this. I am a complete technophobe and am sure I shall be computerless till I can persuade my son to come and bail me out. So long and thanks for all the fish smile. It's been nice knowing you. I may be some time sad. Or I might leave it and see if it just carries on after midnight. I mean, AOL and TalkTalk even have the same address and all letters have been signed by the same person; all a bit surreal really. The thought of no internet confused. I may have to do some housework. And I wanted to rewatch the programme about Edna O'Brien that I fell asleep during last night. Oh; any tips by the way before I start trying to do the deed?

Ana Wed 10-Oct-12 10:55:31

Does it come with a disk? If so, that should talk you through it - I managed to install our broadband on my own so that shows you how simple it was!
Good luck - it'll be easier than you expect, I'm sure. smile

crimson Wed 10-Oct-12 11:03:51

Oh; this is a sign from above [I think] The Chief Executive of TalkTalk is none other than Dido Harding [you don't forget a name like that]. A horse she used to ride and own [Cool Dawn] won the Cheltenham Gold Cup many years ago. I feel I'm in safe hands, now. But still procrastinating!