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Any volunteers to help the technically challenged?

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Anne58 Tue 06-Nov-12 17:01:46

Hello all, Techno Numpty of Devon here.

I did post a while ago about some problems with my facebook account, these I have now sorted. Whilst I don't expect that I will become a regular facebook user, I do feel that I should use it a bit more. (For example an ex work colleague has just had a baby and all relevant info is on facebook).

I can't seem to work out how to do a sort of private message, as opposed to posting something that everyone can see. Also finding people from way back and getting in touch etc.

Please bear in mind that I can actually do the following techy things!

Create & animate a powerpoint presentation
Build & format excel tables (so that they add up, work out formulas etc)
Put together proposals in word, drop tables into them etc etc.

So why am I so useless with facebook?
Pete if you are reading this and you can do the facebook stuff, I'll help you with links, if you help me with fb!

PPS If anyone can help, I won't be up to a tutorial this pm, but thanks in advance!

yogagran Tue 06-Nov-12 17:45:53

On the top left of your FB page you should see your name together with you profile picture. Click on your name and it will open up your "timeline".
On that page, a little way down on the middle right you will see "Friends". Either click on "see all" or "friends" to bring up the complete list of your "friends".
Click on the one that you want to contact and that will open their "page" where you will find a button near the top right that says "message". Just click on that and a separate box will open up so that you can send a message just to that person.
And that should be "job done" - hope this explains it for you, do let us know

tanith Tue 06-Nov-12 18:49:00

Or if you look on the left handside of your FB page you should have 'messages', click on that , in the search box put the name of the person you wish to message a box will open in which you type your message then click send.. that should work too.

To find people look at the blue line at the top of the page , there is a search box... type in the name of the person and you will get a long list of people with that name.. it sometimes helps if you also type in where they live , otherwise you have to search through the list of names and pics till you recognise someone..

Hope this helps