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Links with words over them

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MiceElf Mon 26-Nov-12 07:55:48

Some clever people on here are able to post a link which does not appear under its web address but as perhaps. this or Take a look In blue. How do you do it?

Bags Mon 26-Nov-12 08:23:36

If you scroll down to where the emoricons are 'stored', there is a section to the right of them called LINKS. Instructions are there for doing what you are asking about.

Elegran Mon 26-Nov-12 08:28:37

You type two square brackets, then the link, leave a space, then type what you want to appear and close with two square brackets.

So to get to this page it would say - My post

but with square brackets either side (can't put them in to show them, as they would disappear....)

It will look like this - My post

MiceElf Mon 26-Nov-12 08:39:39

Thank you! Crystal clear instructions. I'll have a go as soon as anything interesting catches my eye.