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Is it us?

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petra Thu 06-Dec-12 10:54:09

OH listens to Spoty Fi on the laptop in dining room and I want to have it on my iPad in bathroom/ bedroom.
Why is it that the screens that come up on the laptop are different to the screens that come up on my iPad.

gracesmum Thu 06-Dec-12 11:09:09

Poor Spotty Fi - she sounds like a bad case of acne!! Is that the same as Spotify?

jO5 Thu 06-Dec-12 11:24:36

You have to download it, don't you. And then pay money. That bit puts me off.

jO5 Thu 06-Dec-12 11:24:56

I'm thinking of buying a blocker for Gransnet though!!!

Ana Thu 06-Dec-12 11:27:47

Didn't the last one work, jingl? (Although, obviously not! hmm)

jO5 Thu 06-Dec-12 11:28:16

Nope! Can't get the bugger to work. hmm

jO5 Thu 06-Dec-12 11:28:38

I suppose if you want anything you have to pay.

petra Thu 06-Dec-12 14:28:01

No joy there then.