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petra Fri 15-Feb-13 18:23:23

Has anyone down loaded books while abroad. I have been trying to down load from my iPad (on roaming) it says that the book has been sent; but nothing comes through.
I am not alone, my friend here (in Spain) is having the same problem.
Any ideas anyone.

Gally Fri 15-Feb-13 18:53:58

I've downloaded loads of books onto my Kindle from Australia. Did it from my laptop on the Kindle website.

Grannyknot Fri 15-Feb-13 19:13:59

Hi Petra, I've not had any problems getting books on my Kindle (I've no experience of iPad). Where are you in Spain BTW? smile I'm near Fuengirola in Southern Spain until the end of Feb.

j08 Fri 15-Feb-13 19:40:27

You have got 'wireless on' on the Kindle?

petra Sat 16-Feb-13 12:23:25

Hi Grannyknot.
Just left Estapona and parked on the Beach in Motohome about 10 Ks from there.
Will have another go at Kindle.

Grannyknot Sat 16-Feb-13 14:25:02

Nice Petra enjoy.

MrsJamJam Sat 16-Feb-13 16:20:08

I've got the original Kindle with 3G and wifi. It downloads happily when we are in Greece and I get the daily paper every morning. When I added the Kindle app to my android mobile, I had a bit of confusion because it downloaded to the phone instead of the kindle, but I emailed Amazon and had an almost instant response telling me how to sort it our. So try emailing the Amazon helpdesk.

Hope you get it sorted - I'd hate to be trapped without a book to read!

Bez Sat 16-Feb-13 17:10:57

I always look at and buy Kindle books using the computer or my iPad and whether in UK or France I have no problem. I do not have 3G on the Kindle so do need to be linked to wifi - and remember to turn the wireless connection on.

Ariadne Sat 16-Feb-13 17:32:01

If you have computer access, and go to "manage your Kindle" you can find your library. Next to each book is a box marked "actions", one of which is "deliver to.." That should work.

If not. Try "go to" on the Kindle and tell it to "Sync" Might work!