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Wonderful discovery

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Gally Tue 02-Jul-13 10:45:29

No ads, no complications

dustyangel Tue 02-Jul-13 09:58:22

Thanks Gally. We have just got The Wright Stuff for the first time since January!..... just when I was thinking about making the bed.

bluebell Mon 01-Jul-13 17:56:47

Thanks !!

j08 Mon 01-Jul-13 17:48:49

Is it loaded with ads? You get "nowt for owt".

feetlebaum Mon 01-Jul-13 17:46:31

Great - assigned to a Speed Dial button - very useful. Apart from the tennis of course...

Gally Mon 01-Jul-13 17:10:31

Have just discover For those abroad or unable to access the telly, this is wonderful and what is more, FREE. Have been watching Wimbledon from Cyprus and can catch upon all the UK channels. Once home, I can sit in bed and watch all the stuff I can't access normally. Just thought I'd share this grin