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YankeeGran Sat 24-Aug-13 21:42:47

We have BT Infinity, BT Vision, BT everything and yet we have had no success accessing the much touted BT Sport - which for us is supposed to be free. Just try sorting this out online - or yet, getting through to a human being on any one of the many advertised BT phone lines (which ALL seem to go to one central place anyway).
Every contact seems to wind up at a place to sell you more and no one has any interest in connecting you to the free service. I've been five days trying to sort this out. Having waited all day for a return call which never came, having queued for tech services for an hour and then given up, I think I have - today -gotten through to an engineer who can help. Well - it looks promising but no connection yet.
I can't be the only one having problems - or am I?

glammanana Sat 24-Aug-13 23:11:26

Yankeegran we had the same problem I upgraded to Infinity and got a really good deal etc no instalation or delivery charges so mr.g. was waiting for the sports channel to come on and guess what ? nothing at all,so back on the phone and I rang their 0800 012 1122 no,and did manage to get through to a chap who understood what he was talking about and also the fact that I am not at all technically minded,he told me that my BT Vision box had not been activated from their side and that it needed reprogramming and it would take 6/8 days,by this time mr.g. is convinced it was a total b---s-up and not very impressed but i must say that the system did come on on the day he said it was due,don't be put off by them and insist that an engineer calls to check your set up.Best of luck,p.s. I now have a happy mr.g. and his wretched sports channel.grin

YankeeGran Sun 25-Aug-13 14:09:21

Thanks for that, glammanana. The very helpful tech person I last spoke to said it could take up to 5 days to get things going, so I am patiently waiting. I too work on behalf of a Dear Husband who wants the promised access to sports on TV. I'm willing to assist as I think I'll then have more uninterrupted reading time + I can finally get my hands on "our" (ha!) iPad.

Brendawymms Sun 25-Aug-13 14:45:53

I live 40 miles from central London and will not get a decent broadband speed for years yet, it comes of being rural East Sussex. Even when it does happen I am afraid BT sport will be the last thing I go for. How about something useful free.? Our Sky box cost a fortune and if we have heavy rain like yesterday no sky either.
Last week no broadband and the lady from India spent 40 minutes on the phone to me getting me to check all the filters, the main BT box " does it have screws in the front" eventually decided it was nothing to do with me but the main server. The whole area had no broadband.! Ba Humbug!

janthea Sun 25-Aug-13 16:17:50

I've just been on to BT about slow connection. Had a charming young man who tested all sorts of things and has reduced my monthly payments by about £5, is sending me a new Infinity Hub and has added BT sport to my Sky box. All in all very satisfied with BT.

glammanana Mon 26-Aug-13 11:55:05

janthea we are very pleased with the service now it just took a bit of tweaking to get things right,don't some of these Companies realise the problems they cause when the Sports Channels get changed from one supplier to another grin I can report that mr.glamma is now a happy man.

YankeeGran Mon 26-Aug-13 13:25:50

and we are happy, too! It all came right yesterday, with everything in its proper place. Sigh.

tanith Sun 29-Sep-13 15:35:24

I just downloaded the app for online and phone access very simple and its working on OH's phone,laptop and my tablet, OH is so happy and its all for free, now he can watch his beloved football team live .

POGS Sun 29-Sep-13 16:01:52

Hubby has been over the moon with BT Sport. We live Leics/Warks border.

Yesterday however he was watching his rugby game and the screen blanked out on him. confused He did get it back but after about 30 minutes. A lot of moaning went on I assure you.