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Goose Sat 25-Jan-14 21:52:13

I hope some of you GN'rs out there can help me out? I've been given an Apple Mac which seems to be stuck on 'predictive text', and is driving me mad! I don't know how to come out of it. I'm a three year old technophobe when it comes to the internet and don't know what I'm doing:-( Is there anyone who could be patient enough to explain to me (in Noddy language') how I can actually start using my made up words without my computer telling me off and eliminating them???

absent Sat 25-Jan-14 22:11:56

What application are you using? If it's Word, then simply go into Word preferences and tell it what you want. Otherwise, I've never had a Mac do that – been using them since 1985 – so can't help. Sorry.

thatbags Sat 25-Jan-14 22:14:24

Word on a Mac?!?! absent, wash your mouth out!

absent Sun 26-Jan-14 01:06:08

Bags Macs, Word and QuarkXpress are industry standards in publishing. I having been doing what I do for so long I am probably an industry standard by now as well. grin

thatbags Sun 26-Jan-14 08:00:18

"Industry standard", what a label an accolade! wink

Goose Sun 26-Jan-14 10:06:03

thank you all for your assistancesmile