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shysal Tue 08-Apr-14 17:32:24

Has anyone else had problems accessing their emails today? I can receive them on my tablet, but the BT mail login page won't load on my laptop. I have minor blips from time to time, such as the delete option not working for a day, so hope this will cure itself soon.

janerowena Tue 08-Apr-14 18:12:57

Lots of my friends have had problems with BT email lately. I refused to change, and carried on using Yahoo. So if I give you a link to the Yahoo login page, you should be able to use that instead. Maybe bookmark it for future use as it seems to have happened a few times.

tiggypiro Tue 08-Apr-14 19:41:04

Thank goodness for GN ! I thought it was my computer on the blink.

Thank you jane for the link which has worked and I can now delete most of the 22 mails waiting for me.

Being a total ignoramus where computers are concerned (and a few other subjects!) please can you tell me how to 'bookmark' the link.

janerowena Tue 08-Apr-14 23:48:19

Well, I don't use bookmarks, I use 'Add to favourites'. I think you may have a star? If you click on that, if you have one? I'm trying to remember, I did use bookmarks when I used Firefox. You should have a symbol at the top of your page, can you move your cursor across the top line to see what they say?

Failing that, tick the 'watch this thread' box below and you will always be able to find it. Or, try typing in 'BT Yahoo Mail' and see if it comes up that way.

shysal Wed 09-Apr-14 07:30:12

Thanks Jane. I knew that the old Yahoo login appeared if I clicked on the envelope symbol (I still have Vista), and it worked. Thanks very much.

tiggypiro Wed 09-Apr-14 08:02:51

Thanks jane. I have now got the thread on my favourites and on the GN watching bit.
emails this morning came straight away without any of the log-in pages ! Is it any wonder some of us do not trust computers !! I really wish I could do without one but I would miss having it too.

Does anyone know about fibre optic broadband ? I can have it here and am considering it in the hope it will make skype better. My present connection is often a bit 'iffy' now which I think could be a vicious plot by BT to make me upgrade. Sceptic ? Me ? Perish the thought !

glammanana Wed 09-Apr-14 09:55:56

tiggypiro I have BT fibre optic and do think it is quicker than previous BT service we had and I can honestly say we have never had any loss of service we had it put in as a package with BT Sports for the males of the family hmm It does come as standard with BT Net Protect Plus,if you decide to go down their route I would insist on any change over not costing you anymore as there are some extra's they may want you to pay,I was asked to pay for installation and for tech guy to set my PC & Tablet but I did not give in and ended up getting it done free so if you want to change do so by all means but do it on your terms not their's.

janerowena Fri 11-Apr-14 15:21:36

It looks as if our days of being able to use Yahoo instead may be numbered. folks - I received an email this morning telling me that I would not be able to use it soon. Still, I had one before, so fingers crossed - all of those who did not cross over have obviously been hunted down! I feel like a criminal on the run who has just been discovered...

Mishap Fri 11-Apr-14 20:33:41

You want to try living where we do - we regularly have problems with squirrels chewing the lines!