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Samsung Galaxy vs HTC One?

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Grannyknot Wed 21-May-14 20:38:39

I'm about to make the leap from my battered old Blackberry to a Smartphone and I know I don't want an iPhone, I just don't fancy it. I've narrowed it down to these two, and this report made me smile but I'd be interested in GNs views on smartphones:

kittylester Wed 21-May-14 20:55:06

I've got an HTC one mini and apart from the fact that it keeps making me do typos, I love it and it's very easy to use! smile

Aka Wed 21-May-14 21:21:58

I like my HTC too, and want to upgrade it. I've taken some great photos with it too.

Aka Wed 21-May-14 21:26:07

PS I've still got the top of the range Samsung Galaxy S5 that Vodafone sent me, as part of a scam. They don't return calls asking what I'm to do with it.

Can anyone advise me if I can legally keep it now (as an unsolicited gift) or better still charge them storage.

Next time a criminal comes to my door I'll just hand over the item when asked.

Aka Wed 21-May-14 21:28:43

Sorry to hijack your thread GK ... back to OP.

Grannyknot Thu 22-May-14 07:36:14

Aka isn't possession 9/10s of the law? grin

Thanks for replies.

janerowena Thu 22-May-14 10:06:34

Send it to me and deny all knowledge? grin I too am finding it so hard to choose between those two, that I haven't got around to acquiring either! In the meantime I am hanging on to an ancient HTC, but it takes dreadful photos and the screen is a bit small. Other than that I love it.

tanith Thu 22-May-14 12:13:58

Personally I would go for the Samsung but only because my last two phones were Samsung's and I've loved them both and have only been changed because OH has bought an unsolicited phone for my birthday lol.

Grannyknot Thu 22-May-14 16:17:13

lol Tanith, I call those "unauthorised gifts". smile

tanith Thu 22-May-14 16:39:47

grin Grannyknot

MrsJamJam Thu 22-May-14 19:10:05

I have a samsung phone and because I find it so easy bought a samsung tablet. Bliss as they both work the same way. When the phone needs replacing will definitely go for another samsung.

lefthanded Fri 23-May-14 07:49:17

I have no experience of the HTC One, but I had a Samsung Galaxy 4 for a while and it put me off Samsung phones for ever. It was great for the peripheral things - the screen was superb, the camera and video were outstanding - but the actual PHONE was useless. 2 out of three calls initiated by me failed to connect, and almost every call received by me ended abrubtly as it lost the connection. Eventually I persuaded O2 that it was faulty and they took it back. Now I have an iPhone 5S and I love it.