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alternativegran Mon 22-Sep-14 10:15:08

A set of colored printing inks for my Cannon MG5250 printer is £49 15 on Amazon, no doubt far more expensive in a shop. Lots of compatible inks on Amazon but I am concerned about damaging my printer. Has anyone tried compatible inks and what are the best?

tanith Mon 22-Sep-14 10:27:18

I bought a new Kodak all in one printer for just this reason , a multipack for colour and black ink cost less than £20 last time I bought them in Tesco.

Elegran Mon 22-Sep-14 10:45:20

Yes, I use compatible inks from More Ink (online) in my Canon 5250 and they are far cheaper and just as good. You can get double or triple sets even cheaper than the single sets - which means that you always have a set waiting as replacements. I get annoyed when the colours get used up at different rates, so that I end up with no blue and three yellow, but buying odd cartridges fixes that.

Elegran Mon 22-Sep-14 10:46:28

I mean cheaper than two or three sets separately, not ten cartridges cheaper than five!

alternativegran Mon 22-Sep-14 10:58:38

Thank you Tanith and Elegran.

I did look up Kodak but they are no longer making printers, I will check out More Inks, I can't believe that Cannon can carry on charging such high prices, no wonder most of the printing inks on Amazon are the compatible ones.

berdie Mon 22-Sep-14 13:04:46

I have used Epson printers ever since I started surfing, their own inks are expensive, but I don't have any problems with them. I tried some " compatible" inks but they were no good, so ended up going back to Epsons own. Hope this helps.

Stansgran Mon 22-Sep-14 13:16:51

I have an Epson and use compatible inks (£14.99 per set)except for the black which I buy at varying prices (£12.99 to £22.99)but it has cleaner in it and stops the printer clogging up. I also choose the option of no colour as if I am printing out something like easy jet tickets there is so much orange print for no useful purpose.

jollyg Mon 22-Sep-14 13:21:40

Canon over Epson.

Ive had both.

Epson uses up lots of ink to do a cleaning cycle.. more profit. Waste

Canon does not.

Stans correct just choose B and W to save ink

tanith Mon 22-Sep-14 14:04:25

alternativegran lots of places sell Kodak printers we got our in Tesco and I know PC World sell them also I don't know why you think they don't make them anymore..
but I'm sure you'll be fine with a compatible ink that's much cheaper.

alternativegran Mon 22-Sep-14 14:50:24

Hi Tanith, I took this from the PC World website this morning, if it's correct you might need to stock up on printing ink.

Kodak no longer make printers but you can still buy the ink for your existing Kodak printer here at PC World. Choose the right ink for you below.