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Pop up ads only on Gransnet

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Nonnie Mon 29-Sep-14 10:43:35

Does anyone know why I am getting pop up ads at the bottom of my screen but only when I am on Gransnet, not on any other site?

If you can give me any advice about how to prevent them I would really appreciate it. It has only been the last few days, never happened before and I haven't downloaded anything new during this time.


Nonnie Mon 29-Sep-14 13:42:40

No response to booting in the hope someone can help me

Grannyknot Tue 30-Sep-14 07:01:42

Hi Nonnie, perhaps ask GNHQ directly - their tech staff might be able to help.

I get them on my phone on some screens, really annoying and it always makes me laugh when the message is displayed "You can skip this ad in ... seconds". If they know people hate the darn things so much, why have them in the first place?