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Katek Thu 22-Jan-15 08:41:02

Hoping someone is more tech savvy than I am! Just trying to understand why I lost wifi connection when DH connected a wired pc to our router. Presume it prioritises one over the other and can't support both simultaneously???

NfkDumpling Thu 22-Jan-15 08:50:58

I think it's either one or the other. When we first got a laptop to run alongside the main computer and went wi-fi I had to get a 'dongle' for the main computer so it could go wi-fi too - it being a while ago and an ancient computer. It never did like it though.

Anya Thu 22-Jan-15 09:44:17

No it's not one or the other. I have the router wired into the PC and my download speed is 30+. I have phones, several tablets and sometimes the TV operating wirelessly. The WiFi download speed is about 11-12 on average.

It may be that your broadband download speed is poor to start with. You need to contact your supplied who will help you run a test to see.

Humbertbear Thu 22-Jan-15 10:03:05

Our wifi totally gave up. We did, admittedly, have three laptops, Sky tv, three smart phones and two iPads logged in plus all those visitors who say 'can I have your password?'. We switched to fibre optic and we have great speed and no problem

Ariadne Thu 22-Jan-15 10:06:24

We have a complete Sky package - broadband, TV, phone - which we installed when we moved down here. It is first class.

NotTooOld Thu 22-Jan-15 11:18:37

Our new BT Affinity - or is it Infinity? - router is due to arrive at any moment and I've also ordered a netbook from Amazon which is due tomorrow. What's the betting that everything will go wrong and we'll be without broadband for days.....weeks.....infinity.....? :-)

NotTooOld Thu 22-Jan-15 16:43:50

Yes, the new router arrived an hour ago and - guess what? - it works! DH unplugged the old router, plugged in the new and then we followed directions on our two laptops, my kindle and his blackberry to get them all connected. On Monday the BT man will do his thing and we will have a faster connection, we hope. Lets hope the new netbook doesn't cause any problems.

tanith Thu 22-Jan-15 16:56:55

Oh my NotTooOld I've been putting off having Infinity installed for ages as I don't want to risk 'mucking everything up', I'll be interested as to how it goes and what the BT engineer actually does to install it.. good luck

pompa Thu 22-Jan-15 17:03:29

We have had infinity ever since it was available - great.