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jeanie99 Sun 05-Apr-15 19:07:29

My very old printer as stopped working so I need to buy a new one.

For my old printer I bought inexpensive inks from the Internet so don't want to buy a printer which needs expensive inks.

Can anyone advice me.

AlieOxon Sun 05-Apr-15 19:18:41

So has mine. can anyone recommend a Brother?

Tegan Sun 05-Apr-15 20:41:26

Whichever one you get make sure it isn't heavy on ink cartridges. I'm constantly having to replace cartridges on my Canon, whereas [I think] HP printers use a different system. Although I do use Ryman ink now which is cheaper and lasts for ages [but you have to override something on my computer to get them to work].

feetlebaum Sun 05-Apr-15 21:12:05

I would recommend a Canon - mine certainly isn't heavy on ink use and although it was far from expensive it;s the best of the many I have gone through in the past twenty years.

MariClaire Mon 06-Apr-15 07:38:00

I'm a longtime user/fan of HP Officejet printers. I had been using a large OfficeJetPro, which has wifi air print capabilities, for several years. Last year I tried Epson (well-researched) and Brother-both were disasters.

I'm back now to buying the new version of my old standby, the officejet Pro with wifi AirPrint. It served me well during my consultancy business for 25 years. We just bought two of the same model (one for home, one for little vacation condo) and they are so easy to use! Setup, scan, fax, print, set defaults is very easy. I keep mine on draft quality which is very good and uses less ink. I bought them at costco (US) for $125 each and I can return them if I need to. Costco has a cartridge filling service as well, so that's cheaper.

My favorite feature is the wifi air. From my iPad, sitting out the front porch, I can print out a recipe and get it immediately. Good luck.

Bez Mon 06-Apr-15 08:12:02

I too am a Canon fan - the one I have has five ink cartridges - the three coloured ones and two black - one much bigger than the other. You only replace the empty colour and not the whole cartridge as you do with the combined colours type. When this one dies I shall replace it with another Canon but this time with a wifi air printer so I can use it with the iPad.

Veryoldbear Mon 06-Apr-15 09:43:12

I've got a five cartridge Canon. I do get through quite a lot of cartridges but I get them from Phoenix rather than but branded ones. It's been running for years and has been quite reliable.

jollyg Mon 06-Apr-15 10:03:17

Try Argos Canon pixma wifi 34.99.

Best value, does not charge up wasting inks like Epson. I think it might be on a par for price with a new set of carts