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rosequartz Mon 06-Apr-15 16:36:31

I was dismayed to find that I couldn't log out of my email on the tablet and it took me ages to work out how to put a password on the tablet itself.
I usually log out of everything but it isn't possible with the email on the tab.

hildajenniJ Mon 06-Apr-15 11:50:43

I use my tablet all the time rather than the computer. I close all the tabs that I have open, and then tap the apps symbol and swipe them from the screen before I turn off the screen. I don't bother powering down the tablet as it is a nuisance to restart.

Falconbird Mon 06-Apr-15 11:15:15

I am the only one using the Tablet. I bought it as a back up and for my GS to play games on and keep him away from my lap top.

All the advice has been very useful indeed and I will have another play with the Tablet later. I'm quite slow on the uptake with IT but usually get there in the end. My son would help me but he can be impatient so I try to work it our for myself smile

Pittcity Mon 06-Apr-15 10:06:56

falconbird does anyone else use the tablet?

Signing off for security was true when a family had one PC between them, but if it's just you and you have a password to open the tablet there's no need.
Signing off is no protection against hackers, viruses etc. Just stops someone who doesn't know your sign in from using the account.

There is an option in settings to set up user accounts for others with their own password if needs be.

Install a good antivirus app. like Avast and you should be fine.

Pittcity Mon 06-Apr-15 09:37:40

nelliemoser you should be able to change the length of time before it does this in the settings.

I am struggling with the OP question. I know that you can sign out of websites etc., but a lot of apps do not offer you that option.
Usually on an Android it is either a long press on the bottom middle button or on the left one that brings up all the open programmes that you close or swipe away (depending on system)

baubles Mon 06-Apr-15 09:36:21

I have a password on my tablet mainly because I used to use it at work and left it lying around the office. I set the time to the minimum available. Rarely do I bother signing out of emails, Gransnet or any other site that I use regularly.

Isn't there a 'Log off' button (for want of a more technical word) when you have emails open?

Nelliemoser Mon 06-Apr-15 09:21:14

Are you sure switching it off doesn't close it down?

I have put a password on my tablet but the tablet hibernates if haven't used it for a few minutes or closed the cover so I am getting a bit fed up with having to re-enter the password each time.

Falconbird Mon 06-Apr-15 09:13:08

I have a password to get into the Tablet but at the moment can't see a way to get out securely.

I'll play about with it some more and see if I can figure it out. Someone said that there is an icon on their Tablet where they can sign out. The problem is they are all different. Any more suggestions very welcome. I'm not using it at the moment until I can understand more.

Pittcity Mon 06-Apr-15 09:01:01

I never bother signing off on my own private devices, only when I use public shared ones. I have a password to wake my tablet up and close programmes when I'm done.
It depends on which programme you are using as to how you can sign out. It should be possible but not always necessary.

Lona Mon 06-Apr-15 08:35:17

You could put a security code on the tablet.

rubysong Mon 06-Apr-15 05:02:04

I'm not sure signing off matters with a tablet, it's more for internet cafe type of thing where other people follow you on to the computer. I have an android tablet and can close down programmes by swiping them away and I have to swipe a shape when i open it so there is a bit of protection.

Falconbird Sun 05-Apr-15 20:54:33

I've got an IT Tablet and I've set it all up OK but I can't work out how to sign off email or the internet. I was always told you should always sign off for security reasons. Can anyone help?