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Falconbird Tue 07-Apr-15 07:16:26

Not exactly tech stuff but I woke up this morning and went to make a cup of tea. The kettle wasn't working. I had a new one ready for such an event but when I opened the box it didn't have a base! Was this an oversight in the packing department. Surely all kettles come with a base to plug into the wall?

Bez Tue 07-Apr-15 07:27:44

Does the lead of it plug into the kettle itself ? Usually below the handle.

baubles Tue 07-Apr-15 07:29:09

How organised of you Falconbird. Whenever I've had a kettle malfunction I've resorted to a pan of water on the hob or dug out the old camping kettle.

Have you had it too long to return to the supplier?

Falconbird Tue 07-Apr-15 07:36:08

The kettle was a present. It's a normal kettle with a hole underneath to attach it to a base but no base and no lead.

I've got an old one I can use but when I opened the box I thought I was going nuts.

Yes I am quite organised - used to be a Girl Guide - Be Prepared. smile

vampirequeen Tue 07-Apr-15 07:51:21

Sounds like a packing error.

Falconbird Tue 07-Apr-15 08:09:32

Thanks all it was early morning and I thought for a few minutes that I was going ga ga.

Yes it's a packing error for sure.

Rider Tue 07-Apr-15 08:34:23

I'm sure you must have torn the packaging apart looking for the base it ought to have? I know that packaging can hide necessary bits sometimes. I've had items where a power supply or remote control were tucked away somewhere not very obvious.

Beware of packaging with false bottoms. smile

Falconbird Tue 07-Apr-15 08:45:50

I did think I had lost the plot and I did search every part of the box, including the base.

When my DH husband worked at B&Q he told me that customers have been known to nick such things from boxes, even take two nails from a pack and reseal the packing so that it was difficult to detect.

Maybe the base was stolen although it seems unlikely. Bring back the kindly old Iron Monger's shop.

Falconbird Mon 13-Apr-15 07:37:30

Kettle Problem Solved.

The base of the kettle with plug etc., was INSIDE the kettle. confused

Rider Mon 13-Apr-15 09:27:35

A label on the outside saying 'Base inside' would be helpful eh? A good job you noticed it before filling the kettle, sitting it on the old base and boiling it up. smile

glammanana Mon 13-Apr-15 10:17:22

Falcon Good job you looked before you put water in it eh ?

merlotgran Mon 13-Apr-15 10:20:29

grin Falcon

Falconbird Mon 13-Apr-15 13:21:04

To be honest I had thrown the kettle away because I was so fed up.

It was a fiver one so not too much of a waste.

I went to a store to buy another one and again no base.

I went to customer services and enquired about it and that's when they told me where the base was. It's done to save on packing costs.

What with coping with this sort of thing, utilities and pressing endless buttons, remembering a ridiculous amount of numbers, coping with my tablet and mobile phone etc., my head spins at times.


nannieroz111 Tue 14-Apr-15 06:45:24

falconbird I think you are weary of having to do everything for yourself. I have only been on my own for 6 months and I too get weary. You have been coping for more than 2 years now. You deserve huge respect and like you told me......... be kind to yourself. smile

Falconbird Tue 14-Apr-15 07:36:13

Hi nannieroz - yes it is tiring but friends tell me you do get used to it. One friend even said she liked being in control of everything. Time will tell. How are you doing? flowers

AshTree Tue 14-Apr-15 08:08:27

I'm surprised the base fits inside the kettle - mine certainly wouldn't!

nannieroz111 Tue 14-Apr-15 09:40:29

Hi falconbird. I'm ok. Thanks for asking and also flowers. I'm away from home so my postings are somewhat sporadic. Will catch up proper next week.

Falconbird Tue 14-Apr-15 12:27:36

I'm surprised about the base fitting inside the kettle. I haven't seen it for myself, it's just what Customer Services said. I gave up and bought a more expensive kettle where I could see the base clearly inside the box. grin

Parcs Tue 14-Apr-15 17:51:06

Is there a way to avid the bits of metal that you get at the bottom of the kettle, I am forever rinsing it out but still there

Falconbird Wed 15-Apr-15 09:16:47

Hi Parcs,

Not sure what you mean by bits of metal?

Lona Wed 15-Apr-15 09:33:43

parcs that's limescale and you can buy sachets of limescale remover from supermarkets.

Coolgran65 Wed 15-Apr-15 13:51:16

Try a filling the kettle with vinegar and letting it sit overnight. Should help with the lime scale.