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Falconbird Thu 16-Apr-15 09:05:39

I've managed to get my tablet up and running and it was connecting to the WiFi but now it won't connect.

It says the WiFi is running but I keep getting the annoying response "can't find Google at the moment." Typing this on my trusty old lap-top.

Pittcity Thu 16-Apr-15 10:56:04

Sorry to use a cliche, but have you tried turning everything off and then on again? Including the Wi-Fi.

pompa Thu 16-Apr-15 11:44:42

You need to go into settings and check that wifi is connected to your router, try disconnecting and re-connect.

Falconbird Mon 20-Apr-15 21:36:23

Thanks - I've done it The Wifi wasn't connected properly. I now have a working Tablet and I can download some games for my little GS to play on and to keep him away from my Laptop. - Result!