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Audio device - recommendations please

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ayse Thu 21-May-15 07:38:41

I want to buy a listening device so I can download radio programmes from a website to listen to. It would be good if it had a radio as well - anyone have any suggestions please?

Pittcity Thu 21-May-15 08:23:43

Does it need to be portable?
A lot of smartphones and tablets can do this.

ayse Fri 22-May-15 08:13:08

I've been looking at MP3 players - I want something specifically for my OU stuff and as I walk quite a lot it would be good to take it with me. I don't have my phone on the internet (PAYG) and it doesn't have much memory and the tablet is too big to carry.
Found a Sony MP3 for £39 in ASDA yesterday so I think I might buy it today.