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NanKate Sat 23-May-15 06:54:24

What is Instagram and how does it work ?

Grannyknot Sat 23-May-15 07:04:06

nk as I understand it, Instagram is kind of Twitter or Facebook but for images only, in other words a way of recording pictorial bites of your life with very brief comments. You have followers as in Twitter. I signed up for Instagram because I wanted to see my daughter's pictures, and now I like it and use it to record images. It is instant, that's the fun of it. See it, like it, photograph it, post it.

I follow about 6 people - my favourite is a photographer guy who works for National Geographic. It's a wonderful way of seeing the world (depending on who you follow).

NanKate Sat 23-May-15 09:04:02

Thanks so much GK my favourite tennis player Rafa Nadal has just gone on Instagram and I want to be able to use this feature to follow him.

I knew I could depend on a Gransnetter to put me right. flowers

Grannyknot Sat 23-May-15 10:05:00

By the way, I had a few strange (weird) followers pop up on Instagram, until my daughter explained that I needed some 'serious revision of my security settings', so she did that for me.

SilentWorker Sun 17-Oct-21 11:12:55

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SilentWorker Sun 17-Oct-21 11:13:06

I wish those Instagrams were never existed! Our young generation is tied to their screens.

anythingspecial Sun 17-Oct-21 11:16:18

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Visgir1 Sun 17-Oct-21 11:51:48

I use "Insta" but I don't post much. It's good for snapshots of information, and pictures. Literally Snap shots!
Give it a go..

Elizabeth27 Sun 17-Oct-21 12:28:08

SilentWorker Instagram is just another social platform like Gransnet that you are currently using, do the younger generation comment on you using a screen.

Tizliz Sun 17-Oct-21 14:02:50

Buying followers will get them banned. It is pointless anyway as the followers will come from dead accounts and won’t interact. It is a case of “I’ve got more followers than you 😛”

crazyH Sun 17-Oct-21 14:13:02

I love Google Earth - it’s a great way of seeing places you would never have the chance of visiting ….

grannyactivist Sun 17-Oct-21 14:24:36

My daughter is an interior designer and uses Instagram as her platform. She publishes photo’s of her own house and some very cautious photographs of her family life i.e. none of the photo’s show her children or husband in ways that they could be identified - lots of side face and oblique angled shots. I joined Instagram so that I could observe the improvements she has been making to her house; she has a huge number of followers, including some who feature her photo’s (with her permission) on their company websites.