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NanKate Sat 23-May-15 06:54:24

What is Instagram and how does it work ?

Grannyknot Sat 23-May-15 07:04:06

nk as I understand it, Instagram is kind of Twitter or Facebook but for images only, in other words a way of recording pictorial bites of your life with very brief comments. You have followers as in Twitter. I signed up for Instagram because I wanted to see my daughter's pictures, and now I like it and use it to record images. It is instant, that's the fun of it. See it, like it, photograph it, post it.

I follow about 6 people - my favourite is a photographer guy who works for National Geographic. It's a wonderful way of seeing the world (depending on who you follow).

NanKate Sat 23-May-15 09:04:02

Thanks so much GK my favourite tennis player Rafa Nadal has just gone on Instagram and I want to be able to use this feature to follow him.

I knew I could depend on a Gransnetter to put me right. flowers

Grannyknot Sat 23-May-15 10:05:00

By the way, I had a few strange (weird) followers pop up on Instagram, until my daughter explained that I needed some 'serious revision of my security settings', so she did that for me.