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A sort of hypothetical question....

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Anne58 Sat 01-Aug-15 00:44:28

Now, I'm rather hoping that Mr P just might have got me some sort of tablet type thing for my forthcoming birthday!

Well, erm umm, I just sort of happened to see something that had been sort of hidden in the wardrobe left lying around. I only caught a fleeting glimpse, but it seemed to look like a Hudl (whatever that might be [innocent face] )

What I was wondering, is IF it was a Hudl type thing, can I one download books onto it?

Grannyknot Sat 01-Aug-15 06:28:36

Phoenix books can be downloaded on most gadgets nowadays. Before I got my first Kindle, I would download books on to my laptop, having installed a Kindle app.

I think Hudl is Tesco's version of a Kindle, so you should be good for books and reading! smile

Grannyknot Sat 01-Aug-15 06:29:21

...providing of course etcetera ...grin

suzieq Sat 01-Aug-15 06:31:08

Our local library service (Cheshire East and West) has now set up an e-book lending scheme. Excellent, although we will still go into our library and borrow real books as well.

Lona Sat 01-Aug-15 08:11:03

phoenix I have a Hudl2 and yes, you can download books although I haven't done so.
I love mine, it's so quick and easy to use.
Fingers crossed wink

kittylester Sat 01-Aug-15 08:18:22

I think most libraries offer book downloads now! Enjoy!!

MiniMouse Sat 01-Aug-15 09:17:03

Or it could be a compact box of woodworking implements? wink grin

Pittcity Sat 01-Aug-15 09:20:49

You can download the Kindle app. to tablets and then buy books through Amazon. You can also borrow library books and magazines. To do this you need to go to your local council library webpage and follow the instructions. You will need to download the apps they use and enter your library card number.

shysal Sat 01-Aug-15 09:47:05

I use the Overdrive app to download library books. However, I still prefer to borrow real books, less costly if I should drop one in the bath, as I once did! blush
Good luck with your Hudl, hope it is meant for you!

shysal Sat 01-Aug-15 09:50:47

I hope you will post on the 'Is it your birthday?' thread on the day, or let us know the date, so that we can send our good wishes.

Anne58 Sat 01-Aug-15 10:47:09

Thank you all! grin

My actual birthday is on Tuesday, but Mr P goes away early on Monday mornings, so for the sake of present opening etc we are pretending that it is tomorrow, if you see what I mean!

shysal Sun 02-Aug-15 13:01:46

I hope you are having a good un-birthday, Phoenix. Was the Hudl for you, and if so, do you like it? flowers sunshine cupcake wine

Anne58 Sun 02-Aug-15 16:31:19

I am having a lovely un-birthday! grin A Hudl2, rather too much Cava wine than is good for me blush and the boys have just ordered a very smart case for the Hudl as a present from them, apparently confused

After a bit of a kerfuffle I managed to set it up, was having a slight problem with connecting to the wifi, then realised that the password on the router was case sensitive. Have managed to get onto GN with it, had quick read but haven't posted using it yet! Might take a bit of time to work out the smileys.

The only downside is that I now have to iron Mr P's shirts ready for tomorrow, but that's not too bad!

shysal Sun 02-Aug-15 18:52:22

I am a chicken, and still use the desktop site for GN on my Samsung tablet! Good luck!

Lona Sun 02-Aug-15 19:03:27

It's easy least phoenix! Glad you've had a good day! cupcakesunshinewineflowers

Lona Sun 02-Aug-15 19:03:57