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New line in scam invoices

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M0nica Wed 13-Jan-16 15:36:57

I am quite used to getting scam invoices, the kind that just have a long meaningless website name or an attachment to be opened and minimal text and delete them as fast as they appear.

But today I have suddenly received about five invoices that look just like the mailings one gets from a company one has dealt with before. They include colour adverts for the putative product the company makes, full names, addresses, post codes etc etc, links to Facebook Twitter etc.

Everything about them looks absolutely genuine and I have had to look at each very carefully before deciding they are spam and deleting them. One purported to come from British Gas and looked very very convincing. Fortunately I am not a BG customer so was not convinced.

So be warned any full colour, complete contact detail commercial emails coming your way. Look at them very carefully before you open anything.