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Dart shaped icon appeared on IPad.

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NanKate Fri 22-Apr-16 07:13:29

There is a small dart shaped icon that has appeared on my IPad top right corner next to the battery percentage figure. Does anyone know what it is please ?

Andyf Fri 22-Apr-16 07:28:38

NanKate, I don't know but I've one one mine. My husband hasn't though.

NfkDumpling Fri 22-Apr-16 07:38:29

Nope. I don't have one. But my iPad is getting on a bit.

Alygran Fri 22-Apr-16 08:02:21

Active location services?

jusnoneed Fri 22-Apr-16 08:11:00

According to a googled guide it's to show an item is using location services.
Go into Settings and then Privacy, you should be able to see if location services is turned on.

Andyf Fri 22-Apr-16 13:55:52

That makes sense, thank you.

NanKate Fri 22-Apr-16 14:16:07

Thanks for the helpful answers.