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breeze Thu 16-Jun-16 14:46:54

After many years in the I.T. industry, I am somewhat embarrassed to now ‘fess up’ to being an archaic technophobe. I am the proud owner of an inexpensive (about twenty quid or so I think) phone, that, should I do what I have done before and drop it in a muddie puddle whilst walking my dogs, down a toilet after flicking it out of my jacket pocket, or plonking it in a glass of water on my bedside table without looking; that I can happily and fairly guilt free, go into a phone shop and buy another without going ‘all hot’.

So my problem is this. I am under pressure to purchase a Smartphone as apparently I am ‘really annoying’ because I’m not on Wassup or something, and people have to either text me or email me photographs, videos, and long messages.

I’ve looked. Cheapest that does ‘stuff’ seems to be around £160. I will go ‘all hot’ if I flick that into the river (where I spend a lot of time).

OH smugly says I will find it hard to use because of the way I text (upside down with one leg out of the window) no, I hold it between my thumbs and text very quickly.

Now, should I bow to this pressure????? What’s in it for me?????

How did you all get on???? Sister, who is 10 years older than me said I should ‘get with it and get one’. How embarrassing.

breeze Thu 16-Jun-16 14:47:37

muddy (needs a spell checker too!)

chelseababy Thu 16-Jun-16 18:13:42

You'll be glad you did once you do! I got mine from Tesco for £8 a month which includes calls, texts and data.

Thingmajig Thu 16-Jun-16 20:29:27

I have a Windows phone which cost slightly less than £100 a few years ago and is PAYG.
It has all the functions I need and want, is simple to operate and will do me until it no longer works.
We have terrible mobile reception in our house so I seldom use it, and it's more of a watch than a phone when I take it out with me! smile

janeainsworth Thu 16-Jun-16 21:59:32

You'll be able to look at Gransnet on it, Breeze.
What further excuse reason could you need for getting one?

breeze Thu 16-Jun-16 22:05:16

Thanks all. Phone is on order. Looking forward to furrowed brow and 'fat fingers'! Look out all who know me. May get some strange messages! (stranger than usual).

ninathenana Thu 16-Jun-16 22:10:42

I have a windows phone which I use for everything. My laptop hasn't been out of the cupboard for months and that was just to print some pages from a word document.
My phone is my right arm. I agree with chelseababy you'll wonder what you did without it.

ninathenana Thu 16-Jun-16 22:11:48

breeze get yourself a stylus

gettingonabit Fri 17-Jun-16 07:24:12

I have a Windows phone. It's quite old now and out of its contract, so I pay about £15. I'm very attached to it. It's so big I can watch telly. In fact, I do all my internetting on it as it has faster broadband than at home.

Greyduster Fri 17-Jun-16 08:51:57

I have an android phone but I don't use it for a lot - calls, texts and, yes, Gransnet occasionally when I'm out and about! I don't play games on it or download apps, Twitter or Facebook or do any of the things that I do on the iPad, And for some reason, my email is always weeks behind on the phone. DH was definitely the one who didn't want this sort of phone, but now he is never has it out of his hand. He wants me to get an iPhone but I don't think the expense would be justified.