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My old laptop

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etheltbags1 Mon 04-Jul-16 08:24:28

Help, anyone got any ideas. I downloaded windows 10 and it seemed to work ok,I had to put in a new e-mail address and password, no probs and I wrote them down. Next morning I found that to start up the computer I had to give the new password which I discovered It wouldn't accept. I took the computer to pc world and they said that I had given the wrong phone number (I had missed a digit), so they couldn't fix it for free, I now just want to use my computer. Pc world showed me how to remove windows 10 but when I tried it needed the same password. There is no facility for retrieving a password.I'm left with a laptop I can't use,I'm so angry.

Grannyknot Mon 04-Jul-16 08:42:07

Ethel you need someone better (and more helpful) than PC World. I paid them £50 (twice) to help sort our my laptop and in the end I found a local dependable computer expert (recommended on my area's Streetlife forum) and he fixed my computer for me and properly uploaded Windows 10 (he explained to me that you have to decline all the add-ons, or something like that) since then no problems. I'm very happy with Windows 10.

Teetime Mon 04-Jul-16 09:07:38

I agree we paid a local chap £25 here was here an hour and sorted it all.

Pittcity Mon 04-Jul-16 09:13:41

The password used to sign in to Windows 10 is your Microsoft password. You might need to reset it. Here is the help page

etheltbags1 Thu 14-Jul-16 17:02:10

Thank you pit, I've been offline ages, I'm using a new tablet but its taking ages to get used to. I do miss my laptop. I will try the link you gave me.

etheltbags1 Tue 26-Jul-16 09:15:30

I finally gave up and paid a local chap to set up windows 10. It's working ok a bit slow when I'm typing but ok. Sometimes you just have to give in and let the experts fix things

mumofmadboys Tue 26-Jul-16 11:10:02

My son spilled a mug of hot chocolate over his laptop keyboard this morning! It is drying out in the airing cupboard. I got advice from the local computer shop. They said give it two days and if it doesn't work take it in. It is less than a year old! The engineer at the shop was very helpful.

Mardler123 Sat 30-Jul-16 17:20:29

I am thinking of getting rid of my PC and getting a laptop. Any recommendations? Also any advice on how to dispose/ sell PC. Thanks