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Auntieflo Wed 20-Jul-16 22:23:34

Could any of the techy gurus out there help with my problem. I have an ASUS tablet, that is using Windows 8, I think. Every now and again, when closing down, it will want to do updates, and asks not to switch off, as it will do it when finished. Today I left it running, but the trouble is that after so long, the screen goes black, and it 'goes to sleep' . If I manage to catch it in time, I can tap a key and it will carry on. But the thing is, it will then get to the point of saying 100% complete, but the little symbol is still going round and round, and round etc. It will then not switch off unless forced. What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions gratefully received.
With my Ipad, I have no problems, fingers crossed.

Luckylegs9 Tue 26-Jul-16 17:34:43

I am no good at all with technology, but when I update on mine, even if the screen goes blank and I leave it, it updates.

Humbertbear Tue 26-Jul-16 22:21:34

I don't have that sort of tablet but you should be able to change the settings so it doesn't go to sleep.