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Help with my new kindle paper white

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morethan2 Mon 05-Sep-16 18:22:04

I've never used my kindle paper white but I have downloaded books. I was hoping to take it on holiday next week but it seems to have 'Frozen' there is a title of a book when I open it. I've no idea what to do have any of you?

NonnaW Mon 05-Sep-16 19:27:00

Have you tried swiping right to left? I get this every time I open it. Once swiped it goes on to my current book. In my case, it's because I paid a bit less so as to enjoy suffer the ads.

jinglbellsfrocks Mon 05-Sep-16 19:28:43

Hold the on/off slider on 'on' for a long time. It should wake up eventually. My old kindle used to do that.

jinglbellsfrocks Mon 05-Sep-16 19:31:12

this might help

morethan2 Mon 05-Sep-16 19:43:32

Arrrhhhh thanks I took your advice jings and it worked. Thank you too NonnaW I'd tried that but it was nice of you both to help. I'm chuffed.