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Elenkalubleton Tue 21-Feb-17 19:21:48

Does anyone worry about technology as we age,my husband had a letter yesterday saying last chance to pay the car tax.We don't pay any(small car)Apparently you have to fill a form to say you don't pay.He has always been very laid back,but as he's aged he gets very agitated easily.He is competent on the computer,and I use I pad.But when things go wrong we both get in a state about it,passwords etc.Even when I write them down it doesn't always work.Last year when asked by my I pad to update it,I lost everything and had to get a local man to sort it out,at a cost.I asked my husband to write everything down I need to know if he goes before me,he did that.But I still don't know if I can cope with accessing everything,codes to his bank etc which apparently is four numbers but they are in a different order you have to decipher before you can gain access !.I told him yesterday that if he goes before me,I want to go into a home everything done for me no bills to sort out.Bliss, but where would I go, still got all my faculties,fit and well.Almost 70,the future scares me.

tiredoldwoman Wed 22-Feb-17 05:24:15

Yes, technology's beginning to control and drown me , too . I just get a confident grip on things then the computer seems to change the rules !! Bring back paper , I say - the computer says no ! I have to keep a notebook with passwords now , for the grandchildren's games and my stuff. I don't use on line banking or anything important like that so I'm not too worried about it all.

PamelaJ1 Wed 22-Feb-17 07:01:44

My job brings me into contact with a few older ladies who haven't kept up with technology, some of which could be helping them now.
Determined not to be like that and keep up as far as I'm able I decided to buy a bit of kit that streams music to replace my old cd/radio.
Now I have to find my iPad every time I want to change channels or albums, pain in the proverbial! Plus I have to pay an annual fee for the music which I suppose I'll lose if I change provider.
I have a book with passwords in so anyone who breaks in could have a field day if they could decipher it- sooo many crossings out!
Thing is I'm not interested, I just want the thing to do what I want

grannypiper Wed 22-Feb-17 07:32:25

DH and i gave up and use the same password for everything on the computer, as we don't do online banking its not such a big problem.When we started using paypal we opened a new bank account to link to paypal and never use it for anything else and keep the balance under £100.

LuckyDucky Fri 14-Apr-17 20:53:11

I don't remember many passwords as my DH does. He does all the online buying and remembers the passwords, special words and codes etc.

BTW, anyone use the search engine It doesn't use cookies, so no annoying ads after browsing online.

We're slowly coming around to putting aside our old mobiles. We found it could cost £30pcm each, to go online. Anyone found better deals?

tanith Fri 14-Apr-17 21:09:11

DH gets in a temper if something doesn't work on his computer but I'm able to work through things and solve the problem usually. I guess I'm lucky and don't often have problems with my online banking/bills and purchases, I'm not sure what the answer is apart from taking some tuition, our library runs classes for older computer users would something like that help?

Charleygirl Fri 14-Apr-17 21:23:39

I have a different password for everything and so far so good. I have 2 separate on line bank accounts and I am forever purchasing on line so I have to be on the ball.

If somebody shows me something I am usually okay. A GN friend and her husband came round a couple of weeks ago to show me how to work my new DVD recorder and so far I am fine- nothing fancy, just the basics. I have to get to grips with my SMART TV, that is next on the list. I am technologically challenged but I do try.

Badenkate Fri 14-Apr-17 22:25:56

I guess it depends on how much you've used computers in the past. We've had computers at home since the commodore 32, which was in the late 70s, so I just treat them as part of life - a part I'd actually find it very difficult to do without. Apart from bank passwords which are very important, it's not a disaster if you forget passwords for different sites, there is always the 'forgotten your password' option which will send a link to your email for you to change your password - you can do it every time you log on if you want to.

The future shouldn't scare you Ek, it's full of great opportunities - you can find out about anything that interests you, learn new things, keep your mind active.

Badenkate Fri 14-Apr-17 22:31:36

By the way, someone has already had any problem you've got with a computer - and made a YouTube video to show you what to do! In fact, there is a YouTube video somewhere to solve most problems to do with computers, hobbies, cleaning, dog training....