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Man in the High Castle - SPOILER ALERT - dont read if you are part way thro series

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Kateykrunch Tue 28-Feb-17 13:49:37

Anyone been watching this, we have just finished watching the 2nd series. Its really good, bit slow at times, but I can't fathom what the actual issue is:-
Is it a parellel universe?
Is it different plains?
Are they all dead? - seems everyone who has transported might have died previously!
Are they (the 2 sisters) in heaven.
What are the films?
Can someone add their ideas please?

Kateykrunch Wed 01-Mar-17 15:16:35

Has no one watched this?

BlueBelle Sat 08-Apr-17 06:07:46

You're in the technology thread might be the reason you ve got no answers
But no I ve not seen it sorry