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fourormore Mon 06-Mar-17 00:44:44

We are totally rubbish at technology so are wondering if anyone has experience of being 'blocked' on Instagram?
Last year, S/DIL granted us on-line access to their Instagram photographs which was great as we weren't able to see their babies as much as we would have liked. It was lovely to be able to view photos regularly and see new ones added.
Suddenly, a few months ago when I logged on it came up that the account was private so we couldn't view photos. Believing it to be a 'blip' I 'requested' access and a few days later it returned. However, a few weeks ago we were blocked again. Again I requested' access which was granted but that time it took much longer.
It now seems that we are blocked again and the account is again shown as 'private'
Things are very strained between us and S/DIL so before I try and talk to them about it, does anyone else have experience of being 'blocked'?
Is it possible that there is a fault or, as we fear, is it a case that S/DIL are deliberately blocking us? Being 'blocked' three times seems too much to believe. Several other family members have access to the same photos and have had no problems so we fear it is being done deliberately. However, before we try and speak to them I thought I would ask fellow GNetters!
There is no way that DH and I would deliberately block ourselves and I cannot see any way of doing that if we had wished to do so. As far as we are aware the holder of the account is the only one who can allow or refuse access.
Thanks in advance for any help!

JackyB Mon 06-Mar-17 06:37:05

It may be that Instagram blocks outsiders automatically at intervals. I occasionally get e-mails from Dropbox telling me that my "public" folder has now been changed to "private". This is good because I usually forget to delete or privatise files that I have shared with people.

fourormore Mon 06-Mar-17 09:51:36

I am wondering about that Jacky but it seems odd that everything was fine for about a year then suddenly I am blocked three times in as many months? Also it hasn't happened to others that I am aware of?
I continue to hope that it's technology not S/DIL but .... sad