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What laptop to choose for Uni.

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shysal Sun 07-May-17 17:20:01

DGS1 has his 18th birthday coming up and I would like to buy him a laptop suitable for Uni when he goes in September. I imagine he would want it small possibly with a detachable keypad. He had a Chrome book for school, but they provided it. Please could you give me your recommendations based on what you or your GCs have, and advice on the required capacity (Gb) etc., in simple language please for me, a technonumpty. I do not want to pay the earth! Thanking you in anticipation.

norose4 Sun 07-May-17 18:07:09

Hi Shysal, two suggestions , one go to the nearest computer store ask what the trend seems to be for young people or take /ask your grandson & tell him you will contribute a certain amount. I know surprises are nice , but have learnt the hard way that in general for such a costly item they prefer to have some in put or maybe his parents can point you in the right direction. Good luck & lucky Grandson 👍