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NanaMacGeek Sun 25-Jun-17 12:31:11

Hello again, when you sign in to your Apple account, the very first page you see will have your name at the top and your Apple ID beneath it. Underneath is your account section with your Apple ID information, Contactable at (email addresses), your date of birth and preferred language.

Below that is your security section, where you can change your password. It also contains your trusted phone numbers and tells you if your two factor authentication is on. On the bottom right of that section is APP-SPECIFIC PASSWORDS with a blue link to click - Generate password.....
When you click the link, it will ask you to give the password an identity, I called mine Androidmail, then once you have done that, it will give you the password.

I hope this helps. If not, please PM me and I will put together some screen shots for you.

mrsmopp Sat 24-Jun-17 23:10:27

Oh dear what am I doing wrong. Under security my options are change password, change security questions, rescue email or two step verification. No option for an app specific password anywhere. 😢

mrsmopp Sat 24-Jun-17 19:34:52

Sorry I sent the above post without realising you had sent me one at 1749.
Hopefully now I can get sorted. My task for this evening ☺️your support has been fantastic thank you so much. These things are not easy for us elderly but I'm nearly there now...

mrsmopp Sat 24-Jun-17 18:54:58

I appear to have lost my address on my phone. See this:Email addresses are iCloud addresses. Just get an iCloud account and activate Mail, and you will be prompted to make an email address.

To get an iCloud account, you need a Mac with OS X Lion (10.7.2) or later, or an iOS Device with iOS 5 or later.

EDIT: Sometime between the time I posted this and the time I'm now editing it, addresses have been retired. Existing address holders have the same address now, both (or if you got it with .Mac before there was MobileMe) and also. If you get an account now you only get an address, which is what Apple recommends everyone eventually switch over to using since it goes to the same inbox anyway.

NanaMacGeek Sat 24-Jun-17 17:49:29

Hello again mrsmopp, I've successfully set up my icloud email account on my Android phone. I followed the instructions in the link I sent to you and, like you, either my email address (user ID) or password was rejected. However, I logged on to my Apple iCloud account and set up an app specific password (go into the security section and click on app specific passwords). Make a note of the password somewhere safe. Then go back to your Android phone and set up the account using the app specific password instead of your usual one. I hope this works for you.

NanaMacGeek Sat 24-Jun-17 16:47:42

I'm sorry you are having so much trouble mrsmopp, I'm adding another link for you to have a look at:-
I didn't realse you were using an apple email account on an android phone. You may need to have used your icloud user id and password to sign in as well, I'm not sure.

See if this helps at all. Meanwhile, I may try and set up my apple email account (which I have but don't use) on my Android phone. As I volunteer with a charity that supports people to use their IT, this is an interesting problem that I should investigate anyway. hmm

mrsmopp Sat 24-Jun-17 08:16:07

Yes I deleted my email account from Mail app. Then I added a gmail account which I don't normally use to see if it would work and the phone accepted it. (So the phone is not at fault). But I would prefer to keep my original email if possible as I don't want different emails on my iPad and MacBook to my phone. I have tried and tried to restore my email on my phone without success. Yes email and password are the same. Virgin shop suggested I ask in Apple shop to help but in the Apple shop she wouldn't touch it cos my phone is android.
It is strange to me that it all worked well for ages then suddenly stopped connecting. I'm going to try the Apple helpline as I can't be the only one using an android phone, surely. Thanks for your support and advice.

NanaMacGeek Thu 22-Jun-17 17:23:18

Hi mrsmopp, you should still be able to use your old account. Did you try deleting your original email account on your Sony Xperia? See link below for help.
Once you have removed your email account from your phone, restart your phone. Then add your original account settings back on to your email client (check they match your iPad settings if you have to do this manually). Another link follows:-
You say you are using exactly the same email address and password as on the iPad. Are you absolutely sure that you are using the same case, not a zero instead of a capital O, that you have no spaces or have not used a comma instead of a full stop? The passwords and email addresses must be absolutely identical. Let us know how you get on. Good luck.

mrsmopp Wed 21-Jun-17 18:12:07

Hi, been a hectic few days but here goes,
I use the email app on the iPad and it continues to work fine with email.
The Sony Xperia phone works well with everything, messages, Internet etc but will not recognize my email, saying cannot connect as either username or password is incorrect. But I know they are correct!
Have turned it off and on again, have cleared the cache - no change.
The last thing I did was put a google mail email on which it accepted!! But not the email that I've used for years and that everyone knows. Would prefer to keep it if I can. Very frustrating and inexplicable. I'm getting too old for this! It makes no sense at all...

jillyco Tue 20-Jun-17 11:49:20

Before you do anything more complicated, the golden rule with technology is to turn off the phone and see what happens when you turn it on again. Quite often this sorts out any problems. If that doesn't work try Nana MacGeek's solution. Good luck!

mrsmopp Mon 19-Jun-17 23:47:44

Thanks NanaMacgeek, I will try this in the morning. I'm very puzzled as I don't understand how the connection was lost, as I hadn't changed any password or other details to cause the breakdown in connection,.
Will let you know how it does.
Thanks again,

NanaMacGeek Mon 19-Jun-17 17:39:01

You say your email on your iPad works fine. Are you using the iPad email app or have you downloaded an email client (such as gmail)? If you are using the iPad email app, you could check your email settings on your iPad, including the advanced settings and make a note of them. Then I would delete the email account on your Sony Xperia and add it back again, taking care to try and replicate your iPad settings (as far as you can). You don't have anything to lose by deleting your account on the Sony as it doesn't work anyway.

You could also download a different email app to your Sony Xperia and try to set that up with the same account. However, just deleting the account and adding it back again has always worked for me.

mrsmopp Mon 19-Jun-17 15:46:13

My Sony Xperia mobile suddenly refuses to connect to emails, saying incorrect username or password. I haven't changed either but I cannot pick up any emails as I keep getting the same message.
I don't understand. Does anyone have an answer to this? Please help!
By the way my iPad works fine. Same username and password on there.