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Don't panic, it is just a hoax.

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Elegran Mon 10-Jul-17 10:03:51

If you get a Facebook message about a Jayden K Smith - don't panic, it is a hoax. I got one forwarded this morning from a friend to say not to accept JDS as a friend as he was a hacker and would steal my identity, but I checked before forwarding it to all my contacts as instructed in the message, and discovered that it was just a hoax going around. In any case, just accepting anyone as a FB friend doesn't give them access to your identity. In fact, forwarding messages from strangers is more likely to pass on trouble.
More about it here -

goldengirl Mon 10-Jul-17 10:34:02

I got one of those messages too - and ignored it. Thanks for post Elegran it's good to have it confirmed.

Daddima Mon 10-Jul-17 10:35:24

I've had 10 today! I don't think any of these " warnings" are real.
Google is your friend.

BlueBelle Mon 10-Jul-17 11:05:33

Always ignore them I wouldn't accept a friend request from someone I didn't know

NfkDumpling Mon 10-Jul-17 11:45:29

I got it from three directions - one fairly reliable - so did forward it on as better safe than sorry. In future I shall ignore them.

Elegran Mon 10-Jul-17 14:17:25

Check with Mr Google first, NFK. One in a hundred could be a real threat!

NfkDumpling Mon 10-Jul-17 15:15:38

I'd assumed my reliable friend would have checked. I should never assume. I do it too much!

hildajenniJ Mon 10-Jul-17 16:18:51

I never pass these on. I get a few via friends on messenger, but never forward them to others unless I know for certain that they are genuine.