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New mobile phone

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grannyqueenie Sat 15-Jul-17 22:10:26

The only time I've used this facility was when I broke some bones in my hand last year. My right hand was in plaster so useless, and texting with my left hand while the phone was sliding around on my lap was laborious to say the least. Mind you have never used it since!

mrsmopp Sat 15-Jul-17 15:35:58

Sounds ideal for someone with fat fingers like me as I type garbage sometimes then autocorrect turns it into bigger garbage.
Off to see if my phone has a little mic now....
Does this mean an end to secretaries using shorthand to take a letter and type it up later? I expect shorthand I'd obsolete now - how times have changed..

NanKate Thu 13-Jul-17 16:50:56

Thanks Elaine

ElaineI Tue 11-Jul-17 19:20:57

If it's an iPhone you touch and hold it and it records your message.

NanKate Mon 10-Jul-17 22:19:26

Brilliant, thanks ALL for your help. What a clever IPhone I have, the chances of me using even a quarter of the facilities are remote grin

Nanabilly Mon 10-Jul-17 21:20:50

I use it to send a recorded message . Touch the microphone icon while you speak and release when you have finished . Then press send .

Ceesnan Mon 10-Jul-17 21:13:26

The words are automatically typed as you speak. Touch the microphone to start it and you will see your words appearing on the screen. Touch "done" when you've finished. Simples!!

tanith Mon 10-Jul-17 20:57:37

It just means you can record a message to send instead of typing it.

hildajenniJ Mon 10-Jul-17 20:13:49

My son's phone has this facility but he's never used it. He types the message.
If your phone is a Samsung, then here is a run through>

Alima Mon 10-Jul-17 19:48:28

Can only think of googling your question, that's what I have to do with DH's tablet as it is so different to my iPad.

NanKate Mon 10-Jul-17 18:44:28


When I send a text on my new mobile phone in the text box there is a microphone icon, anyone know what it means please?