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Can't open PMs unless there's something in the subject box

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Anya Sun 06-Aug-17 07:32:49

Has this happened to anyone else recently?

I've have a couple of PMs I couldn't open because the 'subject' box has been left empty. I click on the message, but it won't open so I can only read the first few words. Other PMs I just click on the subject (blue) and they open no problem.

Had another arrive just this morning and can't open it.


Marydoll Sun 06-Aug-17 07:54:16

Hi Anya,
I have had a wee look at mine. Fortunately all of my PMs have a subject, but I have noticed , that the only way to open them is by clicking the subject.
I think it would be worth contacting GNHQ.

Anya Sun 06-Aug-17 08:03:53

Will do! I've managed to access the last one by going directly from my email notification.

Ana Sun 06-Aug-17 10:46:03

I didn't think you could actually send a PM without a subject - sure some sort of message comes up!

Ana Sun 06-Aug-17 10:47:16

Perhaps it's all part of the 'new, improved' GN format...hmm

Anya Sun 06-Aug-17 15:06:24

Just realised there was a . in the subject box. It is hardly visible, but having been alerted to it I can now just about see if (quite pale and insignificant in this new format) but I have to aim exactly on the tiny, faint blue dot if I want to open the message.