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Greyduster Sun 20-Aug-17 18:13:01

We have two iPads, one elderly and one fairly new, and two iPhones. Can someone please explain to me why, when I open the iplayer site on the newer of the two iPads, I have to log in with a password and username, but on the older one, and both our iPhones, I am not asked to log in and can access all the iplayer facilities. Not only that, but having put in my password and username, I then get a photo of Graham Norton with the message "we have updated our site so we just need a few more details. It will only take a minute." And if I choose not to give Graham Norton any more details? It logs me out!! So I open iPlayer on the old, slow, iPad, and Bingo! No problemo! Same with my phone. Anyone else have this?

Tegan2 Sun 20-Aug-17 19:55:26

Another question while we're talking about iplayers. Does anyone else have a problem, when using iplayer on the telly, with it often not working and 'buffering' all the time, and then suddenly working again? It drives me mad as it's usually when it's something I've looked forward to seeing.