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Luckygirl Mon 21-Aug-17 13:17:46

I am trying to send messages to an organisation with whom I regularly need to communicate. The messages are bouncing back with the information that my server has been blacklisted and I need to go onto Spamrats (for which there i a link) to get the blacklisting removed.

Anyone else has this experience and know whether spamrats is kosher?

yggdrasil Mon 21-Aug-17 13:31:37

I'd be more inclined to contact your ISP, with full headings etc. Or phone the organisation you need to contact

NanaMacGeek Mon 21-Aug-17 18:36:42

I agree with yggdrasil, but would start with the organisation you need to contact and ask the recipient to add your domain name to their Approved Sender's list. If their mail service doesn't support approved senders you probably need to contact your email provider and ask them to investigate. I wouldn't get involved with SpamRATS. If you use gmail (it's useful to read even if you don't use gmail), here is an informative link:-