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Can the human body block the wifi?

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Stansgran Wed 30-Aug-17 17:59:13

I'm sure this is a daft question but every time DH enters or leaves a room between me and my iPad the iPad says it's no longer connected. His secretary used to say that whenever he walked into her office the computer crashed. This has happened so often recently that I'm beginning to get spooked.

Eglantine19 Wed 30-Aug-17 18:10:59

I have rotten radio reception, all crackly and fuzzy unless I stand between the radio and the oven. Then it's as clear as a bell. So your DH syndrome but in reverse!

NfkDumpling Wed 30-Aug-17 18:22:04

I stop our radio signal when I get too close. And I do wonder about the wifi as our internet, which drops out regularly is worse if I'm between the router and iPad/laptop. It sounds logical to me.

Primrose65 Wed 30-Aug-17 18:46:19

I don't think your DH has magic computer crashing superpowers grin (not sure what his superhero name would be? No-computer man?) However, he might have a mobile phone in his pocket which has Bluetooth switched on. Sometimes that can cause a Wifi signal to drop.

NanaMacGeek Wed 30-Aug-17 19:17:18

If your WiFi signal to your iPad is weak, it could be that your DH coming between the router and your iPad is enough to block a degraded signal. Does it happen if you and the iPad are closer to the router or you move to somewhere else in the room? Or Primrose65 has the answer. I doubt DH is 'interfering'. (Or is he?)

Stansgran Thu 31-Aug-17 14:01:39

Ah I think yes Bluetooth andcyes weak signal. It was driving me potty yesterday. Thanks primrose and nana geek.

IngeJones Fri 01-Sep-17 10:40:21

I swear my husband has weird electrical fields. That might actually be true as he has epilepsy and they already know he makes weird brain electricity. Anyway just one example is that any electronic equipment in his study goes glitchy at intervals and eventually we found the foolproof way to fix it was to simply put it somewhere away from him for a few days and it fixed itself.

Misha14 Fri 01-Sep-17 12:42:13

Friend of mine stopped my watch just by sitting next to me on a car journey. On my way home, without her, the watch started working again. She frequently has this effect on electronic devices.

Mamar2 Fri 01-Sep-17 12:55:58

My OH seems to affect computers etc & not in a good way. Breaks the connection somehow by just being next to it. It even happens in shops.

Aepgirl Fri 01-Sep-17 14:41:57

I used to work in a school office and there was one teacher who always managed to jam the photocopier, just by standing next to it! Spooky.

icanhandthemback Fri 01-Sep-17 21:12:29

I can't wear watches, digital or analogue. I drain the batteries on battery operated watches and the mechanics on a wind-up watch just seize up. I was fine til my first pregnancy but whilst pregnant kept having to take my watch for repair because it was always stopping. Since then, I have not been able to wear a watch, even when I stopped procreating!

grannymouse303 Mon 04-Sep-17 15:24:12

Haha this is a great question...

Anya Mon 04-Sep-17 15:34:21

I don't think I actually exist as I affect nothing - everything must pass straight through me. I'm an electrical/WiFi Super highway.

lemongrove Mon 04-Sep-17 15:54:41

I think it's entirely likely OP that this is the case.There are some people who routinely crash electrical gear just by using them or being next to them.
Get him a mancave and site it well away from you.😆

LostMyMind1 Wed 10-Aug-22 17:37:27

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MawtheMerrier Wed 10-Aug-22 17:44:16

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