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iPad on last legs?

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NannaM Wed 06-Sep-17 15:08:50

Saw a similar thread about an e-reader. My iPad2 is 5 or so years old, in daily use, and like me, is slowing down. How long do they last? Any ideas?

tanith Wed 06-Sep-17 15:21:35

Mine was 4/5 years old and was just too slow and would no longer play the odd game so I requested a new one for my birthday . I gave the old one to my GD it works well enough for her to google and watch the odd video, etc.

NannaM Wed 06-Sep-17 16:02:43

Thinking along the same lines, tanith!

NanaMacGeek Wed 06-Sep-17 17:52:25

NannaM, I'm using a 4 years old iPad but have not noticed any slowing down. I did buy a model with a larger memory though. Yours might be running low on memory. Here is a link that will show you how to reclaim some memory space:-
Of course, you could ditch it for a new one, any excuse wink!

J52 Thu 07-Sep-17 00:17:46

My last one was 6 years old, became slow and started doing funny things! I frequently had to restart it, so I got an I Pad pro.
I've kept the old one for the GCs to use and it seems to have recovered a bit. Like most things they do wear out!

RobbieD Tue 10-Oct-17 09:40:17

I regularly clear the Safari website history - it can help sometimes.

petra Wed 11-Oct-17 19:28:00

That's odd. My old one started perking up when I'd had the new one for a couple of years.
Always clear your old history.

Envious Wed 11-Oct-17 22:27:23

Mines almost that old and now won't turn off. So I can't "reboot". sad

BlueBelle Wed 11-Oct-17 23:00:28

If any of you have done the last most reason download I think it’s ios 11 there are loads of complaints about it draining the battery slowing it down etcetc

BlueBelle Wed 11-Oct-17 23:02:45

Not download..... upgrade sorry brain in my toes tonight

Faye Thu 12-Oct-17 00:20:37

My iPad is 5 1/2 years old now. I have had both the glass and the button on the front side replaced twice and think I need the button replaced again. It's working now (touch wood) but wasn't two weeks ago.

Faye Thu 12-Oct-17 03:04:44

Thank you NanaMacGeek and RobbieD my iPad wasn't slow but I got rid of some unnecessary apps etc.