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stolen phone!

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GreatAuntyGill Thu 12-Oct-17 16:17:40

I was at Euston Station for 15 minutes today and had my mobile smartphone stolen! Its not a posh one, its second hand, 2 years old to me, tatty plastic case, but it worked fine, and now its GONE! along with most of my contacts details, which I wrote down on a list a while ago so will have to hunt that out and rebuild the whole caboodle.
So cross. So - do watch out folks, take care of your things it only takes a moment lapse of concentration in an unfamiliar busy place to get caught.
And why do I feel so lost without it! its only temporary! All the best

Riverwalk Thu 12-Oct-17 16:22:39

How annoying - bloody thieves!

But don't despair about your contacts, as soon as you get started on a new phone almost all your contacts will magically appear. smile

Nelliemoser Thu 12-Oct-17 16:37:30

I would be very angry and annoyed as well.
I have mislaid mine twice and stopped it.

Once it slid under baby DGS2s car seat when I put my phone down to strap him into his car seat and DD found it two weeks later.
A few weeks ago I thought I had lost my hand bag and put a stop on it until I found it again next day.