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O2 has stopped tugo

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PamelaJ1 Tue 02-Jan-18 17:27:38

Unfortunately I renewed my contract with 02 just before they stopped Tugo. If I had known this I would have had serious second thoughts.
We don’t get a consistent signal here at home so I was able to access my mobile from my iPad. As so many people use their mobiles now I can see this costing me dearly when I return the calls on my landline.
Has anyone else been affected and, if so, have you come up with a solution?

SueDonim Tue 02-Jan-18 18:01:20

Have you asked for a signal booster from O2? We're in a poor reception area, too. After I complained about it, they sent us a booster box. It's tiny and makes such a difference. I can actually make calls on my mobile now as well as send/receive messages etc!

PamelaJ1 Tue 02-Jan-18 18:37:32

No I haven’t.
Thank you for that, I will follow that up.