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Digital detox

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Teetime Wed 21-Feb-18 09:39:08

I read and an article in the weekend papers (yes another one ) about decluttering your life - all the usual Swedish death clean business plus a section on the benefits of a digital detox. So have unsubscribed to Twitter, reduced my Facebook friends to family and very good friends (that includes you of course Kittylester) kept my on line book group hosted via Facebook, I resigned as a Gransnet Editor some time ago as I was spending hours on it and no-one was looking at it and limiting myself to one spell of 10 minutes a day on Gransnet. I don't feel I can give up the Kindle as I can read it in the night without waking DH but I do recognise that by only buying 99p books I might not be getting the best out of literature so I need to up my game there. I already seem to have much more time which I intend to spend on other things notably golf as I am Vice Captain this year so have taken on some admin tasks.
Anyone else detoxing their on line life?

mollie Wed 21-Feb-18 09:46:17

Not deliberately right now but I’m always trying to cut down time spent staring at this iPad or the mobile. I have less than 10friends on FB, no twitter or instagram account and this is my only forum but I read online, watch and listen online, research online, write’s not easy is it!