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Microsoft email re update to service agreement

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Ginny42 Mon 12-Mar-18 20:57:22

Has anyone received this email from Microsoft and can anyone explain it to me?

Heading: Your Services Agreement made clearer
You’re receiving this email because we are updating the Microsoft Services Agreement, which applies to one or more of the Microsoft products or services that you use. We’re making these updates to clarify our terms and ensure that they remain transparent for you, as well as to cover new Microsoft products, services and features.

I bought the Microsoft package with my laptop and I've never received a message like this one before.

Is it a hoax? Any suggestions please?

Thank you!


hildajenniJ Mon 12-Mar-18 21:20:42

This is on the Microsoft website:

chelseababy Mon 12-Mar-18 21:20:42

I got one too.

OldMeg Mon 12-Mar-18 21:38:55

I got one but I’ll ignore it.

Bathsheba Mon 12-Mar-18 21:42:21

Yes, me too. Just as a matter of interest, has anyone actually read the 'entire Microsoft Services Agreement'. It's a very wordy document. Not sure I'd be able to stay awake long enough to read it all hmm.
I remember some time ago getting an email with updated iTunes Terms & Conditions, saying that by continuing to use the service, I am deemed to have agreed to the T&C - you know, usual stuff. I opened it to find it was 63 pages long. I didn't read it shock.

Ginny42 Mon 12-Mar-18 22:37:12

There are 27 items in the list on Hildaj's link. Some relate to countries other than the UK. Some relate to the use of Xbox, some refer to Skype which is now Microsoft.
Others refer to security and e.g. use of bad language. Some I can't understand. A lot of it is in legal jargon.
I think only the one about Skype will/may affect me.

I think we're now in a wait and see situation. At first I thought they wanted me to purchase an updated package.

henetha Tue 13-Mar-18 10:11:53

I thought it was a scam so I deleted it unread.

Mapleleaf Wed 14-Mar-18 12:58:36

I got it too.

mimiro Wed 14-Mar-18 13:24:32

user agreements are there to inform/they are long so you will not read them
scroll past the crowdfunding request and read

bean545 Wed 09-Jan-19 10:55:58

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stree Thu 10-Jan-19 19:10:17

Not sure what the issue is:
Msgs like this are everyday occurences, updating, glitch removal, new level of support/malware protection etc etc.
Hardly ever anydirectly useful info in these, just backgound noise really and I just skip or skip and bin.
Information for informations sake and so that we can`t claim they never told us even though the chances of us reading and understanding are practically nil.
Reading these is the opposite of doing something you enjoy.

mailhelpus5 Thu 21-Nov-19 08:33:29

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