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BT Scam

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sp1953 Tue 03-Apr-18 10:38:29

I just took another call from a woman claiming to be Erika from BT, she said my BT internet connection had been compromised by a foreign operator in the last few days and she needed to run checks. I strung her along for a bit and then told her it was very strange because I don't have BT internet. She hung up. The number was 002032863610. Unfortunately I have heard of some folk being taken in and giving these people access to their computers. and financial details stolen. Best advice is just hang up, or like me you could have a bit of fun with them first !

Elegran Tue 03-Apr-18 11:03:35

I've heard of another way to put the wind up these scammers - you say to them "Hold on just a minute . . .", turn slightly away from the phone and mutter as though to someone else (but loud enough to be heard) "Put it into trace mode, Jim, we've got another of them on the line here", then return to spinning out the call as though the tracer is searching for their location.

Caledonai14 Tue 03-Apr-18 11:11:59

We were with BT for a year and had constant problems like emails getting lost, so I was on to their phone helpline and online support quite a bit. After almost every online conversation and a good proportion of the helpline calls, there would be a call to me from an alleged BT helper (always a scam). I warned BT several times that somehow the scammers knew when I had contacted them and they said they would report it. I was worried that desperate people - and we were becoming desperate - might be fooled into giving personal or security information to the scammers, thinking it was just BT phoning back at last. I couldn't believe they weren't more worried about how the scammers knew when I was actively needing help.

From what sp1953 says, it looks like the scammers have notched it up a gear and - although nowadays most of us know to be suspicious - I fear sooner or later they will be successful with this one.

Oh, and we switched supplier and have had a very peaceful, productive, secure year at a much more reasonable price, despite the fact that BT still own the original line. Don't mean to change the subject but I still don't know how that works. Surely, BT should be cheapest?

But, actually, I would have been happy to keep on paying more (almost double) if BT had worked even half as smoothly.