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Help I’ve split my keyboard!

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OldMeg Sat 07-Apr-18 17:05:59

On my iPad I now have
on one side and
on the other with a big gap between. How do I reunite both sides please?

Bathsheba Sat 07-Apr-18 17:09:40

Go to Settings, then General, then Keyboard and you'll find an item called Split Keyboard. Just switch it to off and you'll be back to normal smile

OldMeg Sat 07-Apr-18 17:11:51

Thank you Bathsheba followed your instructions and all back to normal. How on Earth 🌏 that happened I’ve no idea!


Welshwife Sat 07-Apr-18 17:13:09

When I saw your headline I thought you had somehow cracked a line in the screen in the middle of the keyboard. I sometimes get two pages side by side on my screen - have no idea how I manage it nor do I really know how I manage to get it back to one page but I do!

OldMeg Sat 07-Apr-18 17:16:53

Gremlins πŸ˜ˆπŸ€‘πŸ‘ΎπŸ‘½πŸ‘Ή

Bathsheba Sat 07-Apr-18 17:17:52

It happened to mine once OldMeg and I had no idea how it happened either! I think Apple like to keep us on our toes wink

OldMeg Sat 07-Apr-18 17:33:14

Well I’m really grateful for your help,πŸ™ƒ

jollyg Sat 07-Apr-18 17:42:28

Apple like to make money out of us folks.

I remember the good old days when folk wrote programmes for FREE,

Sadly they only work on OS 9.

They are like Zukerborg, fleece the subscribers, and sell on their data, after all you did tick the BOX.........

What box? Not shown just a scam, however I am a MAC user.

SOD em all.

Im getting to be an old git, son will agree!!!!

Bathsheba Sat 07-Apr-18 17:45:37

OldMeg ☺️

Greyduster Sat 07-Apr-18 18:10:27

I read a sign on Thursday that said β€œI can remember when Apple and Blackberry was a pudding!”