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Help/Advice re pre recorded films disappearing...

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silverlining48 Mon 09-Apr-18 16:39:00

Thanks for your help, will give it a go and let you know.

humptydumpty Mon 09-Apr-18 14:35:13

Hi silver sorry I just meant, sometimes you have to change the 'input' you watch something through. I think if that were true for you you would already know it.

On your TV remote, is there a button which says 'AV'? If so, you'd need to press that to watch things on your DVD recorder.

silverlining48 Mon 09-Apr-18 14:26:19

We have a dvd recorder snd a tv with 1080 hd ..whatever that means. We had loads of films recorded or so we thought. Humpty i have never heard if most if what you are talking about, exceot for sky ( we dont have it though!).
Hope you can help.

humptydumpty Mon 09-Apr-18 13:41:32

silverlining I think we need more info about how/where/when the films were recorded to help. Do you have a VCR or DV D recorder, or a Sky/Virgin box, for example? Have you got the input right (for example, we view Tivo recordings through HDMI2, but Netflix through HDMI1).

Squiffy Mon 09-Apr-18 13:15:04

If that doesn't work, you could try the inevitable switch off completely and switch on again!

Squiffy Mon 09-Apr-18 13:13:59

silver Are they recorded on SKY box? If so, go on to the planner and if you look at the options at the top there should be a 'Deleted' box to click on. With luck you may find the films in there. Good luck!

silverlining48 Mon 09-Apr-18 12:14:19

Apologies for the typos, rushing a bit......

silverlining48 Mon 09-Apr-18 12:13:20

Grandchildren due in less than an hour and its damp and grey here so we are indoors fir tye afternoon. We dont iften watch tv with them so as a treat thought we might tiday.
Checked on the tv to decude which one we might watch only to find every single film has disappeared.
If anyone has an ideas pls respond asap. Thanks in advance.