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Sony Bravia TV flashing

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jeanie99 Wed 02-May-18 14:09:42

Does anyone know what this might be.
I have a TV connected via a Panasonic recorder which provides me with Neflix.

If I have the TV only on or recorder on I get flashing all the time it started this week. Blue green red, it effects about 90% of the screen.
When I change to Neflix I don't have a problem.

I have tried a factory reset but this didn't help.

I read somewhere it could be the light setting, the Google information said to change this via menu on remote, there is no menu on my remote. My set is 8 years old.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can fix this.
PC world thought I needed a new TV.

hildajenniJ Wed 02-May-18 15:32:41

Does your remote have a settings button? Use that to navigate the picture settings. Have you done a Google search? There are lots of similar questions on several repair forums.

jeanie99 Wed 02-May-18 18:48:51

Thank you for your responce.
No it doesn't.
I've have research on Google unfortunately what is recommended I am unable to do because I don't have a menu button. Options offers me some things including brightness but this only allows low to high. There was backlight this TV doesn't have one.
My TV is 8 yrs old.

hildajenniJ Wed 02-May-18 19:27:42

I found this online. I hope it helps you.

hildajenniJ Wed 02-May-18 19:30:40

Click on the home button for the screen with the settings. It seems easy to follow, good luck.

jeanie99 Wed 02-May-18 20:13:23

When I press on home it presents me with digital, guide and analogue, pressing digital just takes me to guide

jeanie99 Wed 02-May-18 20:17:01

What should I be looking for I have found some heading, general setup,clocks, recording set up, eco, scene set up

jeanie99 Wed 02-May-18 20:19:34

I looked at the link I don't have the same remote as that. It does seem to cover most of what I have though.

jeanie99 Wed 02-May-18 20:25:28

I am just trying the factory reset again, may have done it wrong last time this is asking me questions and is now searching for channels.
I hope I have not altered anything important doing this as hubby( who is away )might not be a happy bunny.

jeanie99 Wed 02-May-18 20:28:58

It is the same as before.

NanaMacGeek Thu 03-May-18 10:30:03

Your description is a bit puzzling, I can't work out your set-up. However, if Netflix is streamed from the internet and displays OK on your TV, it is unlikely to be your TV. Presumably Netflix is running through your Panasonic recorder or do you have a smart TV? From the information you've given, I would look at your connections. Think about the sources of the signals. How does Netflix get to your TV to display clearly whereas recordings and live TV don't? It could be that an HDMI cable or an aerial connection is faulty.

jeanie99 Thu 03-May-18 13:19:50

Hi Nana
Yes this puzzled me, that is exactly what I thought if I can get Netflix how can my TV or recorder be faulty.
I do not have a smart TV, the recorder provides me with the smart facilities.
When I press the button for demand the flashing is there but not when I change to the Netflix button the streaming is perfect.
After I did the factory reset I checked all the cabling and it all seemed to be OK.
The flashing covers 90% of the screen and the colours are faded the 10% doesn't flash and has good colours.
Like you it logically must be the cabling HDMI or the aerial which I'll replace.
Thank you for your suggestions

NanaMacGeek Thu 03-May-18 19:21:43

The only other thing to consider is that Netflix is delivered differently to your TV. Investigating online further, I see that movies delivered by Netflix require different TV settings (screen refresh rates among other things). I suggest you check whether you have Automatic film mode selected in your TV 'Features'. Is it possible that you only have the movies settings selected on your TV (i.e. your TV is optimised to play movies)?

Before buying replacement cables, see if you can borrow some from a friend or neighbour to test as cabling can be expensive. I hope you manage to resolve this soon.

jeanie99 Fri 04-May-18 16:39:36

Nana I don't intend buying a cable I'll just try the one I have on our other TV.
I can't try it yet because all our furniture etc is wrapped or covered and I can't get to the TV.
We are having work done in the house.
Our Netflix was set up by our son so no idea what he did but I can ask him with regard this.
Thanks so much for your suggestions it's much appreciated.

jeanie99 Sun 06-May-18 10:25:42

Changed the HDMI cable, no difference.
Not found a replacement aerial cable yet.

Something else which as changed also, hubby is hard of hearing and uses earphones to alter the volume for him, this morning when he plugged into the TV there was no sound for me which there normally is.
I think I'll have to get a repair man in for a quote.