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NanaPlenty Wed 27-Jun-18 13:25:23

Can anyone help me? At my last address we had Virgin Media and I had a blueyonder email address. We no longer subscribe to Virgin as it's not available here and I have a gmail account instead. What happens to any emails that still go to that old address and can I still access it?

Pittcity Wed 27-Jun-18 14:16:24

You should be able to access your bluyonder account and set it up to forward emails to your new address.
I would Google the problem as somebody has usually had the same question in the past.

NanaMacGeek Wed 27-Jun-18 22:17:51

I think you may have to check with Virgin Media but believe you may be unlucky if the grace period after leaving Virgin has expired. This is mentioned in the following link:-
If this is true, anyone who has a Virgin email address risks losing their emails 90 days after they cancel their broadband contract unless they have taken suitable steps. I hope I'm wrong.

NanaPlenty Thu 28-Jun-18 15:26:11

Thanks for your replies, will try and check this out.